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Job bulletin board

Numerous employers send us their job postings. Here are a few examples of what is available. Come and visit us to get the details and to check out many other opportunities!

You can sort the opportunities by clicking on the title in the column of your choice.

  Posting Date Job Title Closing Date City
  2017-10-19 Youth Transition Support Worker 2017-10-29 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-19 Case Worker 2017-10-29 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-18 Administrative Assistant 2017-10-23 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-16 Payroll assistant 2017-10-30 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-16 Painter 2017-10-30 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-16 Warehouse Personel 2017-10-30 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-16 Housekeeper/Kitchen Aide 2017-10-30 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-16 Sales/Labor 2017-10-30 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-13 Customer Service Representative 2017-11-10 Edmonton, AB
  2017-10-12 Flight Attendant (Bilingual) 2017-10-20
  2017-10-12 Post Office Assistant - Term 2017-10-22 La Crete, AB
  2017-10-11 Recreation Facility Attendant 2017-10-22 Edmonton, AB