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Project Goals and Objectives

The goal of Études@emploi is to help 13 recent graduates aged 18 to 30 years develop the skills they need to increase their employability. To achieve this goal the project provides job preparation activities, a career-related work experience as well as advice and support to help partcipants keep (or find) a job, work independently or pursue higher education.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To prepare thirteen (13) French-speaking participants eligible for the Career Focus program to work in their field for an Alberta company;
  2. To organize for each of the thirteen (13) participants, a supervised and paid internship contributing to their career goals and lasting at least 12 weeks in a workplace based in the Edmonton area or northern Alberta;
  3. To provide support to the thirteen (13) participants and their employers during the entire duration of their work experience;
  4.  To support the thirteen (13) participants until they find employment in the company providing the training or at another company, return to higher education or start the process to become self-employed.

Funded by the Government of Canada through the Career Focus program