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I have never been to a job interview… I know I have negative ideas and stressful expectations from an interview…  I feel really uncomfortable…  I am not able to convey the best of my abilities…  An interview in English is scary for me…  I don’t know which questions to ask…

The theoretical part of this workshop allows clients to clarify their perceptions and beliefs about the interview and to understand their role and the impact they have on the employer. They will then feel more energised and motivated to find the best possible answers to the most frequently asked questions and to those they are uncomfortable with. The numerous tips the clients receive will help them realize the importance of thoroughly researching the company and the job they are applying for, and to adequately prepare for an interview.  

The practical aspect of the workshop involves role plays, interview simulations and group discussions to enable clients to change and adapt their strategies. They will apply more coherent, positive and interesting ways of presenting themselves and communicating that will have more impact on potential employers. The use of live video taping allows participants to watch themselves in action, to assess their impact (or lack of) and thus, to acknowledge their strengths and improve the aspects they previously underestimated.