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I never had to look for a job before…  Where shall I begin?...  I don’t know anybody…  How do I start networking?...  I am not efficient and so disorganized!…  Where can I find the information I need?...  I know there is a need for someone like me but where?...  I’ve faxed dozens of resumes and haven’t received any reply yet…

The “Job Market” workshop puts the emphasis on networking and its importance  in targeting the hidden job market. It covers informational interviews, attitudes toward job searching, job offer analysis, as well as effective use of various job search tools. The workshop includes brainstorming and group discussions, which provide opportunities to share information and to start networking. Useful websites and key job banks are also presented.

Under the guidance and support of the facilitator, in the practical part of the workshop, each participant can utilise the tools discussed in the theoretical segment in order to maximize their job search.