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It’s the first time I have to write a resume…  My resume doesn’t get me any interviews...  I have two employment targets and I feel I’d need two different resumes…  My jobs are always very different so I have to constantly revise my resume and it’s difficult every time…  The resume I use to have in my country doesn’t work here…  I am changing career and I have no idea how to best present myself…  I’d love to know how to write my own resume and maximize its impact…

This workshop is designed for: newcomers to Canada; clients who never had to write a resume before; those who need to make substantial changes to their resume; clients who need two different resumes; those who constantly upgrade their skills through volunteer work, travel and diverse work experiences; the multi-talented; and those who aim at being self-sufficient and would like to know how to write effective self-marketing documents.

“Marketing Tools” discusses the master resume and targeted resumes (chronological, functional & combined), job application forms and various types of letters including cover, thank you and reference letters. Participants are introduced to the basic rules of writing and modifying a resume that best reflects the ongoing changes in their professional lives. The many advantages of the ‘master’ resume will be emphasised.  Other marketing tools such as business cards and portfolios may be covered if needed.  Some clients may benefit from “Who am I?” or “Career Planning” prior to taking this workshop.