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I haven’t worked in a long time; who would hire me?...  I don’t have much to offer…  I’m pretty good at many things but I don’t have anything to prove it…  I don’t have any work experience yet…  I’m willing and able to try something new but I don’t know how to convince anyone…

“Who am I?” is recommended for: clients who have been unemployed for some time and want to re-enter the workforce, those who have been at home for family reasons, youth with little or no experience, clients who wish to try something new, as well as  older workers who want to reflect on their past experience.

This workshop enables participants to obtain an overview of their interests, abilities, personal qualities, strengths and weaknesses.  Knowledge, skills and achievements are also analyzed through exercises, questionnaires, tests, checklists and group discussions.  Needless to say, the facilitator will reinforce the importance of confidentiality, respect and support among participants to encourage open and frank discussion.

Basically, the workshop’s emphasis is on self-knowledge and, as such, is a useful first step for other workshops such as “Career Planning”, “Marketing Tools” and “Interview”.