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I am a newcomer to Canada and I haven’t looked for a job yet…  I haven’t been here for long and know nothing about how things are here…  I was in another province before coming to Alberta and some things seem different here...  I have some canadian work experience but it’s still difficult to adjust… I suspect that there are many services and programs that I could benefit from but I don’t know where to look…

Accès•emploi developed this workshop especially for newcomers to Canada and Alberta.  It covers all the major aspects of employment such as social insurance number, employment insurance, income support, workplace health and safety, Worker’s Compensation Board, human rights, work rules and regulations, language and professional skills assessment, Canadian work experience, unions and professional associations, networking, cultural differences in the workplace, employer expectations as well as numerous programs and community resources available to workers. A guided tour of La Cité, the nearby French community centre, can be arranged for before or after the workshop.