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Working in Canada: A Guide for Newcomers

Alberta’s economy is dominated by the energy sector, a major employer in the province. Alberta has the third largest crude oil reserve in the world after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Since 2014, the price of oil has diminished significantly and the unemployment rate has increased. However, Alberta’s economy is also based on other sectors which contribute significantly to its economy.

In addition to oil and gas, the forestry industry is very important. Alberta also has a strong agricultural sector that has long been at the root of its culture and economy and still influences it. These secondary sectors have doubled over the past decade. In addition, innovation fosters the development of new industries, making Alberta a major competitor in the global market.

Canada's economy is developing rapidly and Alberta remains an excellent choice for finding employment. International surveys rank Edmonton and Calgary among the best cities in the world to work. In recent years, the number of permanent residents and foreign workers in the province has increased. In addition to the wide availability of jobs, people want to work in Alberta to enjoy its high standard of living.

The Conference Board of Canada

Government of Alberta
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