JET (Jeunes-Éducation-Travail)

Support youth through a new employment strategy that offers you a wage subsidy!

Over the next three years, Accès Emploi, in collaboration with the Government of Canada, will help 72 bilingual youth acquire the skills and knowledge they need to make a successful transition into the Alberta labour market.

The JET program provides funding to enable employers who would like to hire and mentor these bilingual youth so that they acquire on-the-job experience related to their field of study that enables them to progress and develop their skills.

Participants must meet the following basic criteria to be accepted into the program:

    • 15 to 30 years of age
    • Valid Canadian work permit
    • Able to participate  in 2- 4 weeks (up to 100 hours) of intensive training to improve/develop their skills
    • Actively seeking work and/or experience in their field of study or prospective career


Contribution of Accès Emploi and the government:

      • Wage subsidy for the first 12 weeks (35 hr or more/week) of the job opportunity (up to $18/hour) for a total of $7,560

For more information, please contact :
Ivan Touko
JET Program Coordinator
780-490-6975 Extension 107

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