Working in Canada


Arrival in a new environment often means adaptation and considerable change. But not to worry, Accès Emploi will support you in a potentially stressful time: looking for a job. To prepare you for your arrival, we have drawn up a list of essential resources to guide you to the Alberta labour market.

Government of Alberta

Before you go

If you wish to work temporarily in Canada, you must obtain a work permit prior to your arrival. Accès Emploi requires that you present a valid work permit in order to receive any type of service. Contact the Government of Canada to apply for your work permit.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

When you arrive

Congratulations! You have taken several steps to come to Alberta and are no doubt overwhelmed by all of the new things around you. Accès Emploi is there to provide you with advice, resources and contacts so that you can continue to settle and obtain employment in Alberta.

Immigrating to Canada

Obtaining a work permit

Learn more about…

If you have further questions, visit the Government of Canada help centre at:

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