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Our services

•  You don’t quite know where to begin your job search?
•  You don’t have a resume or cover letter in English?
•  You face the barrier of having limited English skills?
•  You are open to new experiences and are eager get  started?
•  Your career profile is in demand but you need tips and assistance to make contacts?

Over the years, we have developed a wide array of free services to respond to the majority of our clients’ needs.  We provide:

•  employment counselling
•  course/test to obtain Construction Safety Training System Certification (CSTS)
•  basic services :

         - computers with Internet and word processing
         - printers
         - fax
         - telephones
         - photocopier
         - Edmonton daily & weekly newspapers
         - resource centre (books, directories, dictionaries, free brochures, etc)
         - job bulletin board
         - information about community services and activities
         - maps of Edmonton and its surroundings
         - references to programs and resources according to your needs

•  workshops on various aspects of job searching and employment
•  English for the Workplace conversation workshops