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Working in Canada: A Guide for Newcomers

Canada is officially a bilingual country, but Alberta’s official language is English. The majority of the provincial population is Anglophone and provincial government services are offered primarily in English. According to the 2016 census, 2.3% of Alberta’s population speaks French as its first language (about 88,220 inhabitants) and 268,640 people can speak French.

In most occupations, a person must be able to communicate well in English (written and spoken) in order to get hired. If you work as a professional or skilled worker, you must be proficient in English and know the vocabulary used in your field of employment. For regulated professions, you will likely have to take a language test in English before being offered a position.
Being bilingual (English and French) can be an asset in various occupations and positions. Knowledge of other languages can also be advantageous in certain work environments, in health care or for those who provide services to immigrants, for example.

Government of Alberta, Employment and Immigration
How well must I be able to communicate in English?

Government of Canada
Improving your English and French