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I don’t want to do what I used to do anymore…  I am multi-talented but I’m not an expert at anything…  I can’t afford to go back to school full time…  I don’t have any experience in my field yet…  I have trouble deciding what I really want to do…

This workshop is especially useful to recent graduates, to workers in the process of changing careers, to professionals trained overseas who can’t work in their field, as well as to multi-talented individuals who have difficulty choosing between two or more options.

Depending on individual needs, this workshop will enable participants to increase their self-knowledge on their interests, talents, abilities, personal qualities, knowledge, skills and transferrable skills, work habits, values, needs, self-esteem, and their perceptions about change, money and stress, etc.

“Career Planning” aims at providing tools to identify a short term employment target   and a long term career target. These tools include various exercises, questionnaires, tests, checklists, as well as numerous documents developed by Alberta Employment and Immigration. Generally participants will need time to integrate the topics introduced in the workshop, and then can benefit from the support of his/her employment counsellor to facilitate this process.